Help!!! To Change The World Girls Economy


I’m Cocco, Japanese girl, age29, and English teacher in Japan.

I want to create an online salon

I’m gathering photo of remark “I will join Cocco’s salon” in Japan to show that I can gather people from all over the world to a company.

Some girls already sent me like this.

She said she reakky want change herself, and already lost her weight over 3 kilograms with eating 3 meals properly. Some are really changing.

What’s the point of my salon?

It’s a salon to change fooooolish Japanese girls who waste their money to clothes however they are fat!! Some of us are not only fat, but foolish, self-centered…. what’s the scarest point is we don’t have any culture to point it out each other but hide and smile. So we don’t have any intention to be bad, just didn’t have chance to know the auful truth, and still feel unhappy, sadness, loneliness…
We even can’t explain how and to what we wasted!!(One of us can’t explain how she wasted 2000,000yen in these 4years)
The waste easily costs over 100000yen a girl a year!!! I wanna make a change. no, i should, I will.

I studied English all by myself in Japan

I’ve changed myself by learning English without any experience of living or studying abroad, i just studied it in Japan all by myself!!!
It is possible!!! One can master English by just studying everyday, it’s a basic common thing in the world right??
I’m not a special clever genius, just was a foolish girl!!!

What I will do in the salon first?

I’ll slap their faces (of course mine too) and change them to seek their true hapiness without waste and change thw work environment of guys.
What I mean is the hard long auful work environment in Japan can’t be changed easily. Coz in here, it’s still ordinary thing for some of us that men earn, women saty at home.
If we, japanese girls, are changed, we can change guys.
It’s a big problem here that too long work kill workers’ mind and body.

What’s my aiming?

If there are any changes in somewhere, everything will be changed gradually. i mean the WORLD’s ECONMY. Do you laugh at me? I never mind it, you can close this page if you aren’t interested in it. This isn’t an exaggeration.
What can you do with 100000yen in your country?? It is 883 dollars in America. What do you want to do??? I wanna listen to that and tell it to girls!!!

Of course, no one can foresee the future, and I’m still foolish, this may not be proper and perfect way to change, I should study much harder about the economy, the world…etc.
I know it. But I also know we need any change, right now, otherwise we will be old meaninglessly. We can’t stop to think, but think with moving.


I need your photo

So please!!
Give me your power!!!

If you don’t mind, could you give me a photo?
In that, you have a sheet “I wanna see what Cocco will do!!”
And write your name and country.

I need photos at least 50, I already got 21.
Of course, you can hide your face with the sheet.

Send your photo to
on twitter or

and if you don’t mind that I show your photo on this blog, please note that.

I can advise to gather eyes to your contents

If you want to know how to gather eyes to your blog or some contents, I will think of it with you as my thank to you. I’ve already got 7800 readers a month. Of course they are mainly Japanese, so I’m good at gathering eyes from Japan. I just started this blog seriously from Feb 2017, only 4-5 months have passed since then.


A ship to face the truth

I’ll make a ship like a hell to face the truth!!
Some people actually read my blogs so many times according to the data, they are mainly japanese young girls, but they hesitate to give me their signs coz that means they admit their foolishness!
If I can get many signs from them easily, we don’t need such salon, right?


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Help!!! To Change The World Girls Economy


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