All about voice input! Japanese young female researched : What will it bring to us?


What’s the voice input?
How to do it?
Will the speed of work or the productivity drastically increased?
What’s reqired time or speed of speaking?
What’s my recommendation of devices and apps?
You can know about it totally here! Catch up with the world’s latest trend!

Voice input, the action to write sentences by your voice, I think this technology will be popular in the world in the future. Nowadays we are exhausted to see screens like smart phones or tablets for your work, but this technology enables you to reduce such phisically painful work, instead of that you can use your ears and mouth to work. At the same time, I want to think how can the deaf people catch up with others with my deaf friend.

This blog will report how to use it and what this technology will bring to us, recommendation of devices for voice input. We will research about them personally.
The contents of our researching will be added to the following table, check it if you are interested in it:)


What will the voice input bring to us?

What is voice input system? Japanese young female predicts a future of using-ears-and-mouth era

My recommendation of devices and apps

to be continued…
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 - English version, Voice input, こっこの話まとめ, ガジェット, 社会と未来の話

All about voice input! Japanese young female researched : What will it bring to us?


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