What is voice input system? Japanese young female predicts a future of using-ears-and-mouth era


(The draft of this article is made by voice input 100%)

Today I’ll talk about the change the voice inputs bring to us.
Now I’m writing this draft while walking. Have you thought about you can write a blog, email to your friends or any script while doing other things? I think some of you can’t understand what I want to say clearly.
If you can type something by your voice you can conserve your time to type and the quality of your work can be drastically increased!

Actually now I’m talking while walking like chatting with my friends on the phone, won’t to see any screen but just talk to my microphone at a time to make a draft of this article.

This must be a big innovation to me and if I can master this, my time to write my blog is not only facing to a screen.
Some of you can understand what I want to mean, let me explain.

tools that are used in this time:
iPhone 6
Bose quiet comfort 20i
Dragon Dictation

note: this is an translation from an article in Japanese I wrote, now I’m translating it into english while seeing my Japanese article of course I’m using voice input:)

What’s the big point of this innovation?

Your creativity is drasticaly increased!

The best benefit of this action is it will increase your working creativity. You can type something while doing something else and get the textfile what you wanted to make by only speaking to your microphone. That is an amazing experience!
For example you can recode your voices or your client’s voices to save as a draft and you just have to edit it after that. Or you can do any brainstreaming to generate many ideas and your iPhone or iPad can be a dictator of it.

Don’t have to feel the pain of your shoulders anymore and you can work while committing your hearth!

You don’t have to see your screens all the time. Many Japanese are suffered from the pain of shoulders, eyes, or headache or backache, but I think voice input will remove such painful things in the future.
It might be already obsolete to type words to computers all the way.

I usually walk for two hours as just walking around in Tokyo and I keep my age of body 18 however I’m actually 29.
Voice inputting enables me to write a draft of this article while walking around, after that I can amend the draft in the café in a recess and I can make a blog article while only the time in town.
That means I don’t have to feel the pain of my shoulders anymore by seeing the screen of iPad for a long time.

You only have to use ears and mouth to both input and output

Many strangers see me because I’m talking alone, but it happens because it’s now, I think it will be common things to everyone.
But there are some places to be silent. You can speak on the road or noisy café but have to refrain from that in trains or restaurants. Instead of typing、You can use android talkback to listen to the Kindle books or just listening to my favorite musics in quiet places.
That means you can only use ears and mouth to both input and output. I can feel the such era to come next to us.
There will be a big gap people who use eyes and mouth to enhance their creativity and people who don’t.
I rather think there must be any technology to support deaf people because I’m an English teacher to deaf people.

What will be changed by this technology?

What is the scariest point of this technology to write something by voices is you can’t do this if you don’t have clear own opinions.
It’s so difficult for you to write something by saying something to iPhone or iPad while seeing blank area if you don’t have any clear own opinions and well-set mind.
Actuary we have to used to this technology and the speed of the skil will be increased after some trainings. But you have to retake your voice many times if you don’t set your mind or your opinion is weak to speak rapidly.
That means people who have their strong opinions can enhance the speed of their work, people who don’t are boring to listen to and can’t type by voice rapidly.
It will take too much time to work for them, so their worktime will stay longer, regardless of their mind or will.
Such possibilities are existed I think.

I don’t have any intention to force you to type by your voice but there is a big gap if you know about this or not.
Now 15 minutes have passed since I began to walk, but this article is almost end. I don’t care if people see me because I’m used to do this with touching my microphone and pretending like I’m talking to someone on the phone.

Of course you don’t have to touch your microphone you can have your it catch your voice and maybe in the future we have to persist the quality of our microphones.
The number of people who do this will be drastically increased by any influencer uses voice input.

I’d like to challenge of writing a draft of my blog while walking and editting it in the café while recess to find how many articles can I make in a day and how my creativity is increased by this action? and if I can keep the quality of my articles.

It’s not just a freak of the newest things you can understand about that if you were a subscriber of this blog, I’ve never thought I’m a freak of a latest technologies. But if you want to have any business with many capable people your opponent may have experiences like touching latest devices such possibility is actually existed. You can imagine what will happen if you don’t have any experience with such devices.

I continue to write, bye for now 😉


Japanese female age29, an English teacher in Japan who can teach English to deaf people, never have any experiences to live or study abroad but just studied English in Japan. Her physical age is 18 (11 years younger than real age.)
This blog is read by over 6000 people (as of June, 2017) especially young girls around age 25.

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What is voice input system? Japanese young female predicts a future of using-ears-and-mouth era


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