Kimono Girl Cocco’s Diary of #2 “Tokyo Olympics!! How to Get Tickets or IC Card of Train? And What’s the Manner?”


Hi, I’m so impressed at that so many people saw my video, rated good way, and someone subscribed!!
Thank you soooo much, I’m thrilled to make next video.

And #2 is on air now, Did you see it?

Did you remember how to use IC card and manners on train?


Now, I’ll tell you about details of IC cards world in Japan.

I introduced Suica, green one, and PASMO in the video.
But there are so many kinds of IC cards of (mainly) train.
Like ICOKA, kitaka, TOICA… I can’t remember all.

I don’t know the history precisely, but in the past you can’t use one IC card in anywhere.
Like one is only available in Kanto area, another is other area…
So many cards came out, but now, Suica or other cards enable us to visit anywhere!

I don’t know how, I can’t talk about technology things haha
But IC cards are so convenient now, you can use it of course in JR, subway, and monorail.

You can use even in some stores to buy things.
I’ll tell you the detail to buy with Suica in other video on someday.

I hope your journey with IC cards will be successful!!

Now I’d like to know how you felt through my video.
Like you became to want to visit Japan or you wanted more details, or what…. you hate the way of my speaking hahaha
There are so many kinds of people who saw my video from many countries such as Japan, Philippine, Colombia, Turkey…
So there must be many opinions about my video, I’d like to know that!

Please leave your comment or contact me on Twitter(@cocco_en) to notice your opinion to me 🙂

Thanks for reading.




Japanese female, traveling by myself for many times for 10years.
What I like: Business class, traveling alone, English, Disney, Hakone Ekiden, wearing kimono.

I learnt English all by myself, haven’t stayed any foreign countries.
Now I have a score of TOEIC 830(up to 990), enjoy chat on LINE with my foreign friends everyday.

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Kimono Girl Cocco’s Diary of #2 “Tokyo Olympics!! How to Get Tickets or IC Card of Train? And What’s the Manner?”


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