Kimono Girl Cocco’s Diary of #1 “Tokyo Olympics!! What to eat and see in Haneda airport?”


Hi, I’m Kimono Girl Cocco.

Are you coming here by seeing my latest and first video?
If not, I recommend you to check it!!

At first, I felt nervous to speak English among so many Japanese,
but I found I really enjoyed to speak it, even if many Japanese gave me what’s-this-girl look lol
They might be confused because I speak English with wearing kimono and shooting something….

Now I’m thinking how to use my blog like use this to show you more information of video or my kimono.


Okay, more information of #1 is about my kimono.

Do you notice there are three roses on my obi?

I was fallen into this obi at my first site,
found it in Yahoo!Auction.

It costs 2800yen, it’s sooooo cheap as a clean and cute antique obi.


Guess how much my kimono cost.

Yellow kimono(made of silk) was maybe 3000yen,
it’s soooooo cheap too. I’m good at find nice and cheap ones.

In ordinary case kimono is more expensive than mine, like 20000yen or so.
And expensive kimono costs like 200,000yen easily, can you believe?
It worth like a expensive trip to abroad. hahaha.


Anyway, if many people see my videos, I’d like to have more kimonos.
Because it’s shameful to wear same kimono every time not 2-3time in a season.
I wish there is a king of oil from somewhere wealthy country helped me to buy new kimonos. hahaha.


Well I’m looking forward to hearing from you, like any questions or comments you have.
Please leave comments on Youtube, here, Twitter(@cocco_en),or e-mail




Japanese female, traveling by myself for many times for 10years.
What I like: Business class, traveling alone, English, Disney, Hakone Ekiden, wearing kimono.

I learnt English all by myself, haven’t stayed any foreign countries.
Now I have a score of TOEIC 830(up to 990), enjoy chat on LINE with my foreign friends everyday.

 - Kimono Girl Cocco's Shooting Diary

Kimono Girl Cocco’s Diary of #1 “Tokyo Olympics!! What to eat and see in Haneda airport?”


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