Your praising can lower someone’s bounce rate!? Cocco research no.002


Hey I’m Cocco, the First Japanese female blogger who have own research about “trust from humans” and “lowering bounce rate”.

In this article I’ll continue to explain what I found.

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You should make “Good contents for someone”

Basically, if you make good contents for someone, your bounce rate becomes low. It’s not matter if you care about bounce rate or not.
Because your readers won’t leave from your blog by only reading one page, if your information is good to them. It’s a natural thing.



But how to lower the bounce rate?

To make good contents, you should know your readers’ :
Topic preference
Volume preference of articles 

Place to live
Time zone
When do they tweet or open twitter
What’s the problem for them recently (within 3 days like incidents, news… anything)
What’s the problem of society around them? (like high tax, late marriage or something)

For example:
Even if you don’t talk about cashless culture in your blog, you should know about it.
Because it’s a topic related to all people in the world of course including your readers.
If you don’t know about the circumstances of their wallet, how can you talk about or introduce good products for them?
The price of products is so important for them, right?

I gather datas of blogs whose bounce rate is under 65%, including my blog, the mutual point of us is “Thinking of readers first” = “Readers first”



Praising effect to bounce rate

Then, do you remember what I said in the previous article?

In my research, I’ve found 2 things.

1 Basically someone can let others bounce rate lower temporarily 
2 There are two types of people, people who can let others’ bounce rate lower, or people who never lower others’ bounce rate.

The key action is praising.

Case1 on 12-13, March 2017
I found when I praise a best blogger friend Kamiya as “Handsome” on twitter, the bounce rate of his blog from twitter became low temporarily by more than 25%.
He continued his blog for a year, but still his usual bounce rate is high, and he didn’t do anything special on that day.

Sorry my handwriting is dirty, I’ll make certain images and I can show you the real analytics screen of him if many of you need.
People may think “Oh, this guy is recommended by Cocco, I’ll read his articles.”
So it’s like I gave my trust to him temporarily.
My praising was accidental so I tried once more on the other day, we got a same result.


Case2 on 12-13, March 2017
And when he praised me so much.
My bounce rate became low temporarily by over 10%.
It’s like he could give me his trust temporarily too. 

These results mean everyone can lower other people’s bounce rate temporarily. If you have ordinary Trust on SNS or on the internet from humans.


Case3 on 18, March 2017
I’ve found 2 famous bloggers praised an article.

Famous 2 bloggers A and B who depended on their high page views and whose blogs were full of advertisements praised an article of a beginner blogger C.
And other bloggers praised it too, because they read the 2 famous bloggers A and B’s tweets.

Without my logic, it’s natural that people want to read it more than usual if the article was praised by some people like this.

But the C’s blog’s bounce rate won’t be changed at all, rather it’s increased!!
I interviewed the blogger C about the average Time on Site.
The Time on Site before praising was 1:29, after praising was 1:17. Decreased!!


Okay let me talk about my hypothesis about people who can’t lower other people’s bounce rate.
I don’t think we can measure one’s trust on SNS or the internet by numbers easily but you can figure out how’s your trust is like, plus, zero or minus. 




I’d like to gather many data about:

1 Some sites whose bounce rates are low(under 65% per a month).
2 People who were praised by someone who earns much money from his website which is full of advertisements.

Let me know if you find such site, and if the owner of such site can speak English or Japanese, I can interview to him/her directly.


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I can check your data of google analytics in terms of lowering bounce rate, I think of how I can get paid like paypal or something.


Who’s Cocco?

Japanese, female.
Never stayed or lived any foreign countries but can speak English and get 830 score of TOEIC up to 990.
Started learning about blogs from February 2017 and found we should focus on the bounce rate and now researching about the connection between trust from humans and the low bounce rate.

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Your praising can lower someone’s bounce rate!? Cocco research no.002


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