Cocco Research!! How can I keep my bounce rate low like 64.70%?


Hey I’m Cocco, the first Japanese female blogger who have own research about “trust from humans” and “lowering bounce rate” and reveal about such research in English like this.

Do you know that google released its opinion to “TrustWorthness”?
How can you get a good score or ranking about TrustWorthness?
There are some articles which tried to get trust from google but not by humans.
Why Google Hates Your Site (Hint: It Has Something to Do With TrustRank)

I have a key. But can’t explain in an article of course.
Let me talk about what’s happening in my country, Japan.


Trust to me

The bounce rate of my blog is low like 64-66% per month.
Look at my data now of April.

Time on Site is 3:09, Bounce rate is 64.70%, Pages per 1 visit is 2.13


And I didn’t do any techniques for google “SEO” at all, but the satisfaction of readers from google are so high. You can see it from the time on site and bounce rate of them.

Bounce rate


Time on Site


There are 5 groups of readers in my blog, young girls(age 18-30, use mobile phones), elder men(age 34-60, use desktops or mobile), English learners, Japanese bloggers, foreign people like you.
How can I keep the bounce rate low however I have to handle 5 groups’ interests.
Why don’t they get bored?

The hint is their Trust to me.

In Japan, young people don’t know how to google, surprisingly, a woman age 29 doesn’t know how but she doesn’t have any difficulties to get information.
People “SNS girls(including boys)” like her, tend to use SNS like twitter, and get news or information from whom they trust.

Do you follow someone whom you can’t trust at all?
Do you follow someone whom you don’t think you want to know about?
SNS girls are linked each other tightly by trust or at least some interests to each other.
They don’t depend on google to choose which site is good for them, but using their own eyes and decide to what to see. So, to be read by such users, we should focus on the idea of Trust.

In Japan, such young people are grown up and come to the internet world and real industry world nowadays.
How about your country?


An interesting result about someone’s trust

So in here, keeping trust to me by readers are necessary to keep the bounce rate low and time on site high.
It will be necessary for all internet contents to care about Trustworthiness from now on.

In my research, I’ve found 2 things.

1 Basically someone can let others bounce rate lower temporarily 
2 There are two types of people, people who can let others’ bounce rate lower, or people who never lower others’ bounce rate.

Okay, let me talk about these result and how to lower others’ bounce rate in next article.
And I’ll translate all of my opinion to blogs that are already posted on this site in Japanese.
Next article

Your praising can lower someone’s bounce rate!? Cocco research no.002

I’d like to gather many data about:

1 Some sites whose bounce rates are low(under 65% per a month).
2 People who were praised by someone who earns much money from his website which is full of advertisements.

Let me know if you find such site, and if the owner of such site can speak English or Japanese, I can interview to him/her directly.


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I can check your data of google analytics in terms of lowering bounce rate, I think of how I can get paid like paypal or something.



Who’s Cocco?

Japanese, female.
Never stayed or lived any foreign countries but can speak English and get 830 score of TOEIC up to 990.
Started learning about blogs from February 2017 and found we should focus on the bounce rate and now researching about the connection between trust from humans and the low bounce rate.


 - Research of Bounce rate

Cocco Research!! How can I keep my bounce rate low like 64.70%?


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